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A lot of symbolism surrounds butterflies. In the Christian religion, butterflies are symbols of resurrection. To the Chinese, two butterflies flying together represent love. In Japan, the butterfly represents both hopeful maidens and marital bliss. In the U.S., releasing butterflies at the end of a wedding ceremony is symbolic of love and of a promising marriage. Some Native American cultures believe that butterflies can take one’s wishes up to the Great Spirit. One of the most powerful stories of butterflies comes from Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross after visiting the Maidenek concentration camp in 1946. When she got to the children’s barracks, the walls were covered with hundreds of butterflies, scratched and etched with fingernails and pebbles. She said it took her 25 years to fully understand what this meant. The children knew they were going to die and were leaving a message of hope; their bodies might not make it, but the butterflies represented their immortal souls. They would live on in a different form. Love, hope and luck. Butterflies have it all!


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