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As Egyptian symbols go, few are more recognized as the scarab. It goes back as early as 2345 B.C. and represents new creation, eternal life and gives immense protection against evil to the bearer. To Egyptians the act of the scarab’s rolling of a ball of dung across the ground was thought to represent the journey of the sun across the sky. They also observed that the scarab beetle often laid its eggs in bodies of dead animals. This was a symbol of life being created from dead matter. The Egyptian scarab consequently became a representation of Khepri, the God of the Rising Sun and eternal life. Khepri represents rejuvenation, divine wisdom and immortality. He was one of the forms of Ra, the sun god. Khepri was the dawn, Ra was midday and Atum was the evening sun. He was often shown as a beetle-headed man, a beetle-headed hawk or just simply a scarab beetle. The name Khepri comes from the ancient Egyptian word kheper meaning “to become” or “to be transformed”. He is the creative power linked with the miracle of the first sunrise every morning. The Egyptians would refer to him as “The Shining One.”


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